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i'm in repair

i'm not together, but i'm getting there

13 January 1990
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Lisa, 22, Woking. Lover of language.

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3 day weekends, 4am msn chats, 6am london wanderings, asda adventures, baking, battle royale, being a deadbeat, books, boys wearing glasses, catching up tiems, cats, chinese takeaways, chuck palahniuk, clouds, comedy, cookies, cooking, cuddles, cupcakes, dancing, daydreaming, decorating, dinosaurs, discounts, doodling, drawing, dvds, ebay, ed byrne, empty notebooks, english literature, english pedantry fights, ensuite bathrooms, epic bus passes, eyeliner, festivals, fingerless gloves, fingerpainting, flight of the conchords, flip phones, fonts, fridges, gaming, gatherings, geeks, giant buttons, gigs, gloomy bears, graphic novels, growing my nails, guitar, guitar hero, haircuts, handwritten letters, high fives, hiptobesquare*~, in jokes, internet piracy, internet stalking, japan, john mayer, kinder egg toys, kittens, languages, laughing at indie dancing, learning.russian.from.free.mile.end.newspapers, lie ins, london underground, marwell, mix tapes, mock the week, money, moustaches, movies, msn, mules, music, necklaces, new books, nights in, nintendo ds, nostalgia, obamallama, old typewriters, painting, paramore, parks, photography, piano, plasticine, plays, pokemon red/blue, post-its, posters, puppy fire alarms, qi, quizzes, quotes, rain smell, rainbows, raptorz!, rapture, reading, rejecting boys, repo! the genetic opera, saxophones, scrubs, shakespeare, shopping, sketching, skipping, sleeping, slippers, smiling, snow, sound isolating headphones, spanish, stand up, stationery, stephen fry, string puppets, sugar, summer breezes, sunshine, super mario, super smash bros brawl, sushi, talking in code, talking rubbish, the magnetic fields, the smiths, theatre, tickets, train journeys, travelling, tv, twitter, uea bunnies, ugly dolls, ukuleles, university, vending machines, watchmen, wearing hats, wii, wingdings, writing